Ceramic Coating

Anthony James Cars offer all levels of paint correction and protection for your vehicle. Our in house detailing team can offer services from polishing and mopping to full a detail and Ceramic Coating. Pease get in touch for more information and pricing.

We also offer a local collection and delivery service.

Ceramic Coat can be applied to your vehicle leaving an extremely durable and high-gloss finish which prevents pollutants from impacting your car’s paintwork.

Once treated with Ceramic Coat your paintwork is guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle ownership and you will never have to polish it again.

Without Ceramic Coat protection your paintwork could be become dull and faded over time, when exposed to atmospheric pollutants and harsh car wash chemicals. The paintwork will progressively fade and hold dirt meaning cleaning and washing will become harder.

More Information

If you need any assistance or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Tel: 01279 456 555
Email: sales@autoprotect.co.uk

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